Safety and Compliance Monitoring Auditor OPS (M/F/X)


  •  Assist the Compliance Monitoring Lead Auditor and the Compliance, Operational Safety & Security Director in maintaining and improving the Company Compliance Monitoring System
  •  Evaluate the ASLB published documentation in order to check compliance with the applicable regulations and company standards
  •  Perform the necessary actions to complete the Enhanced IOSA Compliance Report
  •  Prepare and Perform compliance audits and inspections for the following activities: o Ground handling, o Flight ops, o Training. o Etc.
  •  Identify and record any concerns or findings and the evidence necessary to substantiate such concerns or findings
  •  Ensure proper follow-up on findings: review root cause analysis, proposed corrective action plan and determine effectiveness of the corrective action plan within agreed deadline
  •  Close the audit and record the evidence to ensure compliance with the required standards
  •  Participate in relevant company projects and provide the project team with advice and expertise in order to achieve high quality results
  •  Monitor changes in applicable regulations, liaise with the manual owner to make sure manuals are updated in due time and ensure the cross-reference compliance checklists are updated
  •  Report directly to the Compliance Monitoring Lead Auditor & ultimately to the Compliance, Operational Safety & Security Director.

Corporate Responsibility / Health & Safety

  •  Comply with local, national legislation, Health & Safety and Environment regulations in order to maintain a safe working environment for self and all the depot employees.
  •  Comply with the company’s corporate social responsibility, health, safety and environmental
    standards and responsibilities as identified within ASLB management systems
  •  Participate in the corporate initiatives
  •  Respect the H&S procedures
  •  Respect the H&S instructions
  •  Act & work safely
  •  Make use of the PPE (personal protective equipment) provided by the company
  •  Report possible risks to the hierarchy

Internal compliance

  •  Comply with all relevant divisional and local company related policies, procedures and legal

Customer Experience

  •  At anytime and anywhere, perform the activities and display behaviors that are designed to deliver
    a distinctive Customer Experience


  •  A bachelor degree
  •  Successfully completion of the following courses: compliance monitoring auditor, EASA Air OPS IOSA auditor experience is desirable but not essential.
  •  Able to think, read/absorb and show interest in the aviation industry
  •  Experience in the aviation industry preferably in commercial air transport airlines in an operational, ground operations, safety or compliance monitoring department
  •  Be familiar with EASA regulations
  •  Strong in both written and verbal English and one other European language is desirable
  •  Diplomatic and analytical
  •  Ability to work independently
  •  Computer literate (Microsoft Office, IQSMS, …)
  •  To display a positive, open and cooperative behaviour in order to facilitate a good relationship inside and outside the department, avoid and help to solve conflicts
  •  To be rigorous, precise, well organized, solution orientated, proactive, etc.


  •  Permanent Contract
  •  Full time job – Office hours but available to travel abroad
  •  Demand for personal flexibility and operational stress management
  •  Homeworking possible as per Company policy
  •  Attractive salary package in line with the aviation industry