Daily Flight Operations Plan
  • Set up the most optimized and safe Operational Flight Plans and Air Traffic Service flight plans in order to assist the company in running and maintaining its flight program in accordance with Air Network schedules and regulations in force
  • Set up the most optimized and safe operational flight plan and air traffic service flight plan in order to assist the company in running and maintaining its flight program in accordance with Air Network schedules and regulations in force
  • Collect, provide filters, evaluate and apply operational documents or data relevant to elements of operational control (Navtech, NOTAMS, Company NOTAMS, CFMU, Weather System Information, Pilot Brief International…)
  • Authorize, regulate, control flights operated by ASL Airlines Belgium. according to the rules implemented by ICAO, IATA, BCAA and CAA of foreign countries involved and the ASL Airlines Belgium Company Regulations (OM)
  • Prepare the OFP and ATS flight plan
  • Make recommendations or decisions in area(s) of expertise such as airports/routes to be flown, alternate selection and contingency plan
  • Assist the PIC in flight preparation and furnish required operational information as necessary
  • Be responsible for the economical analysis and safe planning of all types of flights operated by ASL Airlines Belgium within the seasonal planned punctual time frame
  • Coordinate all traffic operated by ASL Airlines Belgium and Belgocontrol / Eurocontrol / ATC services worldwide for scheduled / non scheduled and special flights. (Flight test, Ferry Flight, Flight training, corporate, etc…)
  • Is responsible to find the best economical solution to save the punctuality if flights are hampered by overload ATC areas
  •  Coordinate and find solutions for all anomalies in the daily operations to reduce the negative economical impact as a result of technical failures on aircraft
  •  Coordinate with the OCC Duty Manager the choice of aircraft as to optimize payload, range, schedules, and crew duties limitations for scheduled and non scheduled flight operations
  •  Maintain a continuous and accurate picture of the position and state of all aircrafts, comparing the current situation, the pre-planned schedule and ensure that the movements of  company aircraft are recorded on the Flight Display System in order to maintain integrity of the company’s flight plan. (Flight watch)
  •  Perform specific operational tasks such as daily administration, optimize and maintain route database
  • general operational database, in order to have standard processes and the most optimum environment
  •  Ensure that a proper handover containing all relevant information will be performed between shifts
  •  In the event of an emergency, initiate relevant procedures as specified in the company manuals


  • The applicant should not be less than 21 years of age (ICAO requirement)
  •  A valid Flight Operations Dispatch Officer licence is preferred
  •  Minimum of 2 years experience within Flight operations environment, preferably Flight Dispatch
  •  Ability to work on own initiative in a deadline-driven environment
  •  Ability to manage multiple assignments while keeping the helicopter view
  •  Ability to propose solutions derived from experience or even original solutions, in accordance with the
    company’s procedures and regulations in force
  •  Ability to take the lead in case of disruptions or tricky situations, with proven abilities in work organization
    and in goal achievement
  •  Experience in communicating in a suitable, clear and positive manner
  •  Being computer literate
  •  Fluent use of written and spoken English (ICAO Language Proficiency Requirement: Level 4)
  •  To display a positive, open and cooperative behavior in order to facilitate a good relationship inside and
    outside the department, avoid and help to solve conflicts
  • To be rigorous, precise, well organized, solution orientated, proactive, etc.


  • High demand for personal flexibility and operational stress management
  •  Permanent contract 40 hours/ week – Day & Night / Including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays
    (H24 / 7 days a week)