Air Cargo Expertise - TARMAK. aviation

Do you want to develop your skills to meet your challenges in the ever-changing air cargo industry?


Tarmak aviation aims to act as a center of expertise in the air cargo world. We want to be a one-stop-shop for all challenges an operator might have in the ever-changing air cargo industry. These solutions include dedicated consultancy and detailed training solutions.


At tarmak aviation we are passionate about aviation, and we consider tailormade solutions of the highest standard as our personal mission. Each training or consultancy request will be thoroughly evaluated and designed for the exact needs you might have. After analyzing your needs, we will activate the expert needed and if we do not have him/her in our current portfolio we will use our extensive network to locate the needed expert.

Custom-made solutions using a network of air cargo experts.


Contact Mr. Thomas De Maertelaere by e-mail :