Airside safety awareness - Video (EN/DE)

Airport Security supports the protection of the passengers, the workers and employees and aircraft from accidental, criminal damage and other threats. Checks are put in place to support the security.

The airport is a sensitive area where we can find all types of activities. In this context, safety behaviors have to be adopted, especially on the apron. We have to be careful about our behavior and have to adapt this one to the situation at all times.

Security and safety are everyone’s business.


You are now in the airport area, where can you go? How? What kind of behavior to adopt?

Video 6 – sécurité en airside – UK – ALL from Liege Airport on Vimeo.


You are currently in a very sensitive area. It’s the apron. What are the rules to know and to follow? How to move on the apron? What are the authorities on the ground?

Video 7 – Ramp 1 – UK – ALL from Liege Airport on Vimeo.


In Airside, what behaviors should be adopted to increase safety and security on the runway?

Video 8 – Ramp 2 – UK – ALL from Liege Airport on Vimeo.