Customs Compliance in E-Commerce - CUSTOMS & TRADE LAW ACADEMY

Cross−border e−commerce has grown tremendously over the few past years. The COVID crisis and Brexit have further accelerated this growth. B2C imports through online platforms has brought unique challenges. Alongside the lifecycle of a low value consignment throughout the supply chain, our advanced program on e-Commerce explains the customs and VAT rules as applied to cross−border e−commerce transactions.


For you
  • Understanding the position of e−commerce in cross−border trade
  • A deeper knowledge of the peculiarities of EU customs and VAT legislation as applied to e−commerce
For your business
  • Ability to demonstrate compliance with tax and product
  • regulations upon entry of e−commerce goods.


  • Introduction to e-commerce in global trade
  • E-commerce and trade : a global perpective
  • Trading in e-commerce goods : the EU customs perpective
  • Trading in e-commerce goods: the EU Value Added Tax perspective
  • Placing goods on the EU market through e-commerce : product compliance
  • Formalities and IT solutions
  • Managing the flow : customs compliance and mitigating risks upon import
  •  Customs controls and investigations


Customs professionals (public and private sector) from across the EU