Flight Dispatch Advanced training - IFOA

About the Course

Enhance the flight operations officer/flight dispatcher’s contribution to the safety and efficiency of the flight operations by combining the aviation regulatory framework with the technical and operational prerequisites recommended by the ICAO Doc 10106.


What Will You Learn

Advanced techniques to enhance your competencies to mobilize the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitude to carry out activities and tasks associated with the flight operations officers/flight dispatcher duties and responsibilities.


Course Content

  • North Atlantic Operations (NAT Ops);
  • Trans-Pacific Operations (PAC Ops);
  • Trans-Polar Operations (POL Ops)
  • Australian Organized Track Systems (AUS OTS);
  • International Flight Planning Specificities;
  • Isolated airport operations;
  • Reduced Contingency Fuel (RCF) flight planning;
  • Hazardous Weather (including tropical weather and volcanic ash);
  • Aircraft tracking over oceanic airspace;
  • Introduction to the US/FAA Flight Planning Specifications;
  • Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS);
  • Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO);
  • Aircraft performance drift down procedure;
  • Operations at high altitude airport;
  • Winter Operations;
  • Cost Index
  • …and more… just ask


Who should attend

The advanced training is designed for aviation organizations or experienced individual flight operations officers/flight dispatchers

Duration 3 days per session (content to be defined before training)